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on/off topic(was Re: I'm an idiot and sed proves it...)

Dale Scheetz writes:
>On Wed, 26 Nov 1997, Aaron Denney wrote:
>> dwarf@polaris.net wrote:
>> > 	sed -e 's/-'\n'//g' <infile >outfile
>> > 
>> > and although the file gets slightly smaller (I didn't try to find out just
>> > what had been removed) none of the hyphonated text is corrected.
>> This isn't quite the appropriate venue for such questions, as it is
>> a general unix/sed question and not very specific to Debian.  In the
>> future try the newsgroup comp.unix.programmer or comp.unix.questions.
>You are absolutely correct, and as a developer I should probably know
>better. My only excuse is that I spend a lot of time on this list, and
>consider the folks here my friends. This leaves little time to go
>exploring other venues, and besides, I'd rather ask a favor of a friend
>than of some stranger somewhere else ;-)
>Personally, I find the "off topic" threads on this list are often very
>interesting. I almost always learn some new twist or trick that I had not
>seen before, so it is my hope that, when I have problems, the solution may
>be valuable to others as well.

Not to start this thread again about on/off topic, splitting the
lists, etc., but if all the non-Debian specific traffic was removed
from this list there would be almost no traffic at all.  I agree with
Dale that I learn lots of great stuff by reading this list and its
non-Debian specific topics.  Really the only Debian specific traffic
is stuff relating to package management/policy, dselect/dpkg,
filesystem structure and third party .deb packages.  After you have
installed the packages it technically becomes a non-Debian specific
problem.  But who cares! As long as it can run under a Debian system I
don't mind seeing traffic about it.

My $0.02(us),
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