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Re: Possible bug or flaw detected.

A. M. Varon wrote:

> Hi,
> hmmm, since the cards works with the other computers, then therefore there
> is no problem with the card.
> I'm convinced that the driver of 3c509 is the culprit of your
> computer(exotic?) hardware. It does'nt detect your hardware setup.
> For a more simple solution.... could you check your BIOS settings? you
> could disable shadow support (linux does'nt use it anyway.), APM, etc. the
> likes. Maybe, JUST maybe it will work this time.

I'm a step ahead (I am really QUICK aren't I?).  I reconfigured my BIOS
thinking that perhaps something in there was responsible for this problem.  I
turned off all cacheing, all shadow, set chip options for the most standard I
could find.  No go.  I do not have APM, PCI Bios 32, or PnP of any kind.  When
you think of my machine, think flat 486, not many options for anything.  My
AMI BIOS is only concerned with the basics of PC configuration (hardware,
chipset, and runtime preferences (IE Numlock on Bootup, Typematic rate, etc)).

I am convinced it just may be the driver.  Perhaps it needs a bit of
retailoring to find a more generic and reliable method for detecting the 3c509
cards.  Becker willing, we may just have a solution for a LOT of the 3c509
problems everyone has with this card.

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