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Re: Possible bug or flaw detected.

George Bonser wrote:

> Just curious, have you tried the modprobe yet?
> George Bonser
> Debian/GNU Linux  See http://www.debian.org
> Linux ... It isn't just for breakfast anymore!

Sure did and no luck.  Same message:

init_module: Device or resource busy.

But if you look at my configs attached to my original message you can
see that nothing should be using it.  Also since I set the debug level
to 9 in the driver, at boot (right after the HD detection) a message
comes up saying in effect "3c509 EEPROM(7) read 0x0000".  The 0x0000
changes from time  to time from 0000 to ffff to ff00 and so on
randomly.  I've looked in the driver and this message is displayed when
the detection phase attempts to read data word 7 from the eeprom (which
on a healthy config should be 6d50) and gets something different, which
makes it skip the detection process for that card (since it thinks the
card isn't a 3c509 card) and therein lies the problem.

But you'll notice in the output from el3-diag that the value is indeed
there at the top line of word values, and even in the Window <x> output
lines.  Counting from the left and starting with the first word as 0,
the 7th word would be 6d50.. so it IS there, the driver is just not
reading it properly.

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