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Re: PCMCIA and 2.0.32 <FIXED>

> There is a bug in the netwave_cs.c source.  It is fixed in the patched
> Debian source, for example in the pcmcia-source package, but it seems
> that you are using the upstream source.  Here is the fix: move the
> line that reads `#include <linux/sched.h>' up three lines higher in
> the file.  The sched.h header file needs to be included before the
> kernel.h header file.

I couldn't make this work (I was using 2.9.12 of the upstream source) so I
just commented out the netwave_cs.* lines out of the Makefile (because I
didn't need support for that) in the modules directory and it compiled
properly.  There was one other bug when it tried to build cardinfo (it
couldn't find forms.h) but changing the #include to absolute path fixed

Thanks for the help... you all rock :)


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