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Re: Rebuilding the kernel

While you _can_ certainly use the LDP HOWTO instructions for building a 
new kernel (and I may sure most debian users including myself have done 
so), using the debian kernel package's make-kpkg should be strongly 

An additional 'nice' feature of the process is that after you run the 
dpkg -i on your new package you have a vmlinuz and a vmlinuz.old 
pointing to your new and old kernels respectively. It is then a simple 
matter to edit /etc/lilo.conf (as you point out) but I would suggest 
using "last" for the previous kernel and make "linux" or whatever the 
new kernel and the default.

The advantage to this, I think is that if the kernel works as you desire 
then there is no action required and at some future date when you want 
to try another new kernel, you (new) old one will be available for 
"recovery" automatically just be running lilo.


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