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Re: problems with mouse and ghostview

"Ronan LEBREF - STAGIAIRE A FT.BD/CNET/DTD/RTO" <lebrefr@lhp15.lannion.cnet.fr> writes:

> Hi!
> I installed ghostview from the debian package.
> My mouse doesn't seem to work very well with ghostview. I can zoom
> but I can't reach "Menu File Page Magstep...". None of my 3 buttons
> mouse has effects on ghostview buttons. I don't have any problems
> with other applications. It works fine with gv for example. What can
> happen with this mouse?

Check if the numlock is activated.  This can cause problems with
programs that don't support the numlock key.  Maybe the ServerNumLock
option in /etc/X11/XF86Config can help you here:

   # Let the server do the NumLock processing.  This should only be
   # required when using pre-R6 clients
   #    ServerNumLock

BTW: I use the gv program which has a better UI and don't have this


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