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Rebuilding the kernel

Now that everything is working right, I was toying with the idea of
screwing it all up :)

Basically, I'm considering rebuilding the kernel to add in some things
I'm missing (sound) and removing some things that I don't need (SCSI
support, for one).

I've read all the howtos and got all the files, so I'm pretty sure I
have a good idea of how to do it (but I'm open to suggestions, if anyone
has them).

My problem is this - my &*$#&$ laptop manual doesn't say what the
settings of my ESS688 sound chip are (IRQ, Mem base, etc). And I no
longer have any other OS on my machine (I dived into Linux head
first...), so I have no easy way of running a program to find out. The
menuconfig script is asking me for these settings (obviously)...if I
provide the wrong numbers, will the machine boot (without sound), or
will it completely crash? And if I supply the wrong numbers, will I have
to recompile the kernel again, or are their config files that can be

Any insight would be helpful. Thanks.

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