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Re: to find fastest debian mirror


> Nice program.


> Adding the "-s 1024" flag to ping would make the packets closer to the
> size of FTP packets, and make the results more accurate.

well, indeed I had done that after sending it

> I would suggest that the program create its own temporary directory under
> /tmp and delete it when it is done, rather than insist that ~/tmp exist.
> Set your umask so that others do not have write permissions on the directory
> and its files _before_ you create the directory. Mkdir will fail if any of
> the security problems exist.

I follow BUGTRAQ because I would like to learn more about security
(that I do not understand) so I understood that creating stuff
(either files or dirs) in /tmp is quite a delicate thing : if 
the script is run by root and the temporary name is 
easily predictable, then someome in the system can use this to do damage.
I have in plan to ask a few questions on the subject; 
maybe the answer is to use names with an extension like this:
 /bin/dd if=/dev/random count=1 bs=16 2>/dev/null |\
 /bin/sed -n l | /usr/bin/tr --delete --complement "[:alnum:]_\n"

this generates a fairly random name 

I would implement it right now, but it doesn't work perfectly:
indeed if you try
 /bin/dd if=/dev/random count=10 2>/dev/null |\
 /bin/sed -n l | /usr/bin/tr --delete --complement "[:alnum:]_\n"
 you will notice that only a few bytes get thru... why?

> Please do some AWK work to take the number of dropped packets into account. 
> "Speed" should probably be something like:
> 	reliability = (100 - dropped_packet_percentage) / 100
> 	real_speed = speed * reliability
> Indeed, because of the re-transmission delay for dropped packets, you
> may want to increase the penalty for them above this.
> 	Thanks

ok I will put it in my TODO list

I have a few scritps like this maybe in the future I will build a package 
of them.


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