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Re: Matlab5

On 23-Nov-97 Britton wrote:
> Why use matlab?  octave is almost perfectly compatible.  I read all the
> cheezy functions that came with my Digital Signal Processing course text
> almost straight out - just had to strip some junk off the end of the first
> line of each m file

It is true that octave is very closely comaptible (or can be made so by setting
options) with *basic* MatLab. However, MatLab offers a lot of extras in the way
of toolboxes which octave doesn't (though there is an increasing corpus of
contributed m-file code available for octave). Some of the m-files in MatLab
toolboxes are complicated and sophisticated and may call on some of the few
MatLab "builtin" functions with no direct counterpart in octave. Such MatLab
m-files may not work in octave in the first instance, and getting them to work
could take a long time. In that case you may want to go for the MatLab Linux
port rather than rebuild wheels from scratch.

As a point of principle: copying MatLab m-files in order to run them (possibly
slightly modified) in octave, when you do not have title under a MatLab
license, is in breach of MathWorks copyright. For this reason, you will find no
help on the octave mailing list for problems which arise if you try to do this.
In particular, excerpts from MatLab code may not be published on the list.

That being said, I heartily recommend octave. Excellent package!

Best wishes to all,

E-Mail: Ted Harding <Ted.Harding@nessie.mcc.ac.uk>
Date: 23-Nov-97                                       Time: 12:17:31

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