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Re: NE clone

On Fri, 21 Nov 1997, Civ Kevin F. Havener wrote:

> How about joe?  Don't know anything about Norton Editor, but I've heard 
> some oldtimers say joe is like Wordstar was.  Does that ring any bells?
> Joe seems to me to be somewhat like pico, but with more features (?).
I'm one of those "old timers", and also the maintainer of Joe. I hesitated
to suggest Joe because, while it does use all the "familiar" control K
sequences of WordStar, and has nice cut and paste features as a result, it
doesn't quite match the "clean" interface NE uses. In particular, no
ncurses based program can make the consistent use of the ESC character the
way that NE does. (a feature that I highly admire)

I saw the posting that suggested MCs internal editor, but I just looked at
my configuration, and I have the internal editor selected. When I use F4,
the editor that comes up looks remarkably like vi. Have I done something
stupid here, or is this what the other poster thought would look like NE?
Memory says that NE is a modeless editor unlike vi that is very modal.

So, I don't really know of one that "qualifies", but I would suggest that
it wouldn't be a big deal to modify an existing editor to fit the spec.
Joe would be better than pico, just because of its freer license, but
maybe something like ee or ed would be a better starting point (they are
fairly feature free ;-)

My best suggestion at this point would be to look at fte. This is a nice
little editor that may be similar enough to NE to satisfy the requirements
of your clients. It also might be a better starting point for a real look

Waiting is,

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