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Netscape 3.01 and Helpers

Dear Friends,

I have just installed Debian. It was not smoothless, however so far I 
was able to manage all problems by myself. Unfortunately I cannot fix 
the following one: 

I have installed Netscape 3.01. It runs, but when I try to open a ps 
file it propose me to save it on the disk in spite of the fact, that 
according to Options/General/Helpers it should run gv. On the other 
hand, asked to hadle mpeg file it tries to load it, but I have no 
mpeg player and in the options one can find, the Netscape should 
prompt the user for action! Why is it so? Which config files does 
Netscape obey if not these visible in the options? 

I would be also grateful if somebody had time to answer me why there 
are questions on this list about Netscape 4 if during the 
installation dselect informs, that only 3.01 is supported?

Thank you in advance!

Witold Grabysz

*  Witold Grabysz                                                 *
*                                                                 * 
*  Politechnika Slaska, Katedra Mechaniki Stosowanej              *
*  (Silesian Technical University, Applied Mechanics Department)  * 
*  Konarskiego 18a, 44-100 Gliwice, Poland                        *
*                                                                 *
*  +48 32 371287, vtold@rmt4.kmt.polsl.gliwice.pl                 *

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