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Re: Ping won't work..

Richard.Dansereau@EE.UManitoba.CA writes:

> Hello all!
> We have a Linux laptop here that we've just recompiled kernel 2.0.30
> along with the PCMCIA card services for a 3C589 ethernet card.
> We've finally gotten some communication over the ethernet card
> but not everything works.  For instance, from the box we can telnet
> out to other machines.  And we can ping other machines.  But,
> when we go to these other machines and try to ping the box or
> telnet back to the box it doesn't seem to work.  Any ideas why
> this might occur?  Bad configuration somewhere?  Some option in
> the kernel compile?

Check the result of "netstat -nr" and "ifconfig -a" on both machines.
If you have problems interpreting the results feel free to ask us
about.  I assume that the routing entries into the local network are
not correctly set up.


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