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Re: no write permissions for /tmp

Rick Hawkins <rhawkins@iastate.edu> writes:

> hmm.  after putting my new pieces together, i've lost write permissions
> in /tmp
> lyx can't create its temporary directory, emacs sometimes gets a
> permission denied to make /tmp/emacsaaaa when sending mail, and exmh
> has similar problems:
>  error while autoloading "Cache_Init": can't create directory "/tmp/.webtkcache": permission denied
>     while executing
> gee, I have lots of questions this week :)

Of course you can regenerate the permissions:

	chmod 1777 /tmp

The reason for such changes is the unpacking of tar files while the
current directory is /tmp.  If the tar archive contains an entry for
the current directory (.) it will change the permissions of /tmp to
those of this . file in the archive.  Normally this permissions will
be something like 755 and your /tmp directory is corrupted.

The solution: create a subdirectory beneath /tmp and change into it
before unpacking.


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