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Re: Pentium error

Philippe Troin <phil@fifi.org> writes:

> Nah, don't worry:
>  1) Linux has already a patch against it (2.0.32-pre5, soon to be 2.0.32),

I installed 2.0.32 and it works fine, especially in avoiding the bug.
If Linux would behave better when the virtual memory is filled there
is almost no way left to crash it.

>  2) Intel has been estonishingly linux-friendly (Linux went to their 
>     headquarters discussing the linux patch, they mention Linux on the
>     web page they devoted to the bug)
>  3) NT is not multi-user, it's sequential multi-user (and even that, badly).
>     I mean, you cannot telnet onto an NT box and crash an other user session
>     (hence sequential). Furthermore, IMHO, it doesn't need a pentium bug
>     to crash it.

You don't even need a multi-user system.  Think about Active-X
controls, Trojan Horses placed somewhere in the file system.


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