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Re: Pentium error

Lukas Eppler <debian@fear.ch> writes:

> New Pentium bug


> This sounds like a "don't use linux" statement from intel. They don't even
> mention Windows NT, which is a multi user platform, too. And why the hell
> has this something to do with multi user systems? Is the mentioned code in
> use with debian linux?

There was a message about this just a few hours ago on this list.  See:

Summary: Any program can lock a Pentium solid.  Obviously, this
doesn't really make any difference to Win95.  However, an unpriviliged
local WinNT user or Linux user can bring down the machine.  That's why
there's a patch available for Linux to fix the problem.  See:

There was a Perl script posted to BugTraq that would search for the
f00f opcodes in a program, and a C program that wouldn't get noticed
but would crash anyway.

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