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Re: local e-mail message delivery from isp

On Tue, 18 Nov 1997, Steve Kostecke wrote:

> In article <Pine.A41.3.96a.971117091653.49774A-100000@dante08.u.washington.edu>,
> 	kotsya@u.washington.edu (David Stern) writes:
> [snip]
> > My question is: What is a good method to go about checking for and
> > delivering messages?  Is there some slick app (gui or otherwise) that
> > automates this procedure, or should I hack my chatscript to run
> [snip]
> I use a program called fetchmail (yes, there is a debian package) to
> periodically grab mail from two mailboxes at my ISP (mindspring).  You
> could just as easily check mailboxes at several ISPs.  Fetchmail DLs the
> mail and hands each message to smail (or sendmail...) for delivery.
> There is no fancy front-end (this is UN*X...) just an easy to edit text
> config file.
> My linux box is setup to automatically check my mail approximately every
> two hours when off-line and every 10 minutes when I'm on-line.  Outgoing
> mail is queued when off-line and delivered immediately via SMTP when on-line.
> I use a cron job to tell diald to bring up the ppp link.  All of the mail
> stuff happens automagically as part of my ppp start/stop sequence.
> You might want to reconsider using sendmail.  For a single user system
> sendmail is overkill; it is a heavy duty (aka ISP) type of mailer. 

You mean reconsider using smail.  Yeah, I know..and I'll consider it..


Thanks Dale Harris, Remco, Joe Stewart and Steve Kostecke. 

I have an aversion to the word "fetch", due to psychological damage
imposed by the surrealistic image which lingers in my sub-conscious of
many a late night in a Macintosh lab, when I would use the "fetch"
program which produced a barking dog sound, in concert with all the duck
quacking, frog croacking and other animal sounds from roughly a hundred
other Macs--crimony!  (For a couple programming courses taught on Macs,
had to use "fetch" to save my code before I compiled, else a crash was
imminent.)  So, it probably would've been quite some time before I read
up on fetchmail.  

Thanks for the quick save, guys.  (Bark! Bark! <g>)

David Stern

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