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Re: ppp error question

Daniel Martin wrote:
> On Mon, 17 Nov 1997, Dima wrote:
> > In message <346FD23F.A9D8251@livenet.net> you wrote:
> > >I received this last night:
> > >
> > >Excessive lack of response to LCP echo frames
> > >connection terminated
> >
> > In /etc/ppp/options there's a number of lcp-echo* options.
> > Comment them out.
> >
> > >What does this mean?
> >
> > ppp sends out echo-requests to see if the link is up.  If it doesn't
> > receive replies it assumes the link is down and terminates.
> >
> > Some servers out there don't understand echo-requests, looks like
> > your ISP has one of those.
> >
> For what it's worth, I get this after the other end has hung up because of
> an idle timeout - for some reason pppd can't tell that the other end hung
> up.  For me, then, it's important to have those lcp echo requests (well,
> only in so far as I'd like my machine to know whether or not it's
> connected).  I also sometimes get a "appear to have received our own
> echo-request" error after the other end hangs up.

Just FYI, the reason you get a "appear to have received our own 
echo-request" is likely because after the connection is lost the
modem goes back into "command" mode where it echoes back anything
you type (or ppp sends).

Jens B. Jorgensen

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