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My neverending unstable xlib6 / xcontrib saga

Hi!  I haven't seen any other messages on the list or bug reports about
this, so maybe I'm overlooking something really basic... Anyway, the
problem is:

I have tried each successive version of xlib6 from unstable after 3.3-5,
(the latest of which being 3.3.1-2), and even though Motif apps work
fine with the newer ones, pretty much every xcontrib client can't find
its app-defaults file and thus looks really bizarre and is mostly or
totally non-functional.  I can sort of solve the problem by copying the
app-defaults files to my home directory, but I don't particularly like
them cluttering it up, so I've ended up downgrading back to good old
reliable xlib6_3.3-5.deb.

Has anyone else noticed this?  What can I do to fix this? (aside from
downloading the xcontrib source and recompiling everything)

I hope this is the right list to send this to!



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