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Re: Window Managers..

On Sun, 16 Nov 1997, Zach Wilkes wrote:

> this one out..  How do you change the window manager for X?   and
> where does one get new window managers? I was reading boot magazine

We have many window manager packages -- fvwm,  fvwm95,  fvwm2,  olvwm,
kde,  even more -- just look under X11 on the website.

Basically,  to change window managers,  edit your ~/.xsession file,  and
make the last line be the name of the window manager you want to run.  For
example,  here's my .xsession,  which starts up a bunch of utilities and
then runs kwm:

# .xsession script to start x
# Edited Sat Aug 9 Will Lowe
xset b 40 300 100 	# change default system beep
xset +dpms	  	# enable monitor power save mode
xset dpms 500 2000 3000 # set blank/sleep/off times for monitor
xset m 8 10 		# set up mouse acceleration
kfm &
kdisplay -init&
kpanel &
krootwm &
exec kwm 

NOTE that most entries end in "&" except the last one.


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