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Re: Window Managers..

On 16 Nov, Zach Wilkes let loose with:
> okay I've used linux for a little bit now but I have yet to figure
> this one out..  How do you change the window manager for X?   and
> where does one get new window managers? I was reading boot magazine
> the other day and it had an article on linux and it had a picture of a
> really cool geiger-esque window manager and I was wondering where one
> would get something like that..
>   Thanx,
>      Zach

Hey Zach - 

The window manager in question was Enlightenment, which you can get
from http://www.mandrake.net/e/ (follow the link to the ftp directory
on the download page) There you will find a debian-deb directory. Be
aware, however, that last I checked those packages were not up to date
- you would be better of getting the tar.gz package. Everything
installs to /usr/local/enlightenment so removing it would not be a
problem... but why would you want to do that?! <grin>

To change your window manager, simply create a file called .xinitrc in
your home directory that looks like this:

----- begin sample -----


xset m 6 3 &
xset s off &
exec enlightenment

----- end -----

The first two commands setup the mouse and screen blanking (see the
xset man page for more details) and then the last line calls the window
manager of your choosing. Make sure to not put the & after the line
that calls the wm...

- Tim

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