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More Laptop Video stuff...

Thank you to everyone who has helped with this problem...

I got my laptop (with a cirrus logic GD7543 video chip and 800x600 TFT
LCD screen) to work in 800x600 mode using the VGA16 server. Works like a
charm, but of course it's only 16 colors.

When I switch the server to SVGA, the screen is shifted up about, oh, 20
pixels. That is, the top 20 or so pixels of the image are off the top of
the screen, and the bottom of the screen has a blank area about 20
pixels high.

the VGA16 server had this problem to...but xvidtune fixed it (just
changed the timings). But xvidtune (and even manually) can't seem to
shift the image down in SVGA. I've tried many suggestions that people
have offered:
  * setting chipset to be clgd5436. I just get a blank screen
  * setting "noaccel" and "no_bitblt" options. Nothing happens

The modeline is as follows:

Modeline "800x600" 39.99 800 840 968 1000 600 601 605 644 +hsync +vsync

This works in VGA16, but not in SVGA.

Any ideas?
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