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Re: squid

According to Behan Webster:
> > Really strange, I cannot reproduce this. Hmm. I just compiled squid_1.1.17
> > for libc5 and put it on
> > ftp://ftp.cistron.nl/pub/people/miquels/debian/libc5-compiled/
> I'll give it a shot.
> Just a thought, I'm wondering whether it has to do with the order in
> which the various daemons and services are started, but I can't think of
> what could be causing the problem.

Neither can I, that's why I'd like you to try the latest version so that
_if_ something is wrong I can base the fix also on that latest version..

> Out of curiousity, what are the other packages in your ftp directory? 
> squid-cgi?  squid-novm? squidclient?  Sounds interesting!

Ah yes, I split up the original squid package into 3 parts:

squid		Just the daemon
squid-cgi	The cachemgr.cgi CGI admin program
squidclient	command line utility to query squid

Some people wanted to be able to use the 2nd and 3rd package on their
own with installing the whole squid package.

Squid-novm is a variation on the standard squid. It uses much less memory
because it stores objects in transit on disk instead of holding them
in memory. It uses a lot more file descriptors on a busy cache, though.
That's no problem in most cases, and if it gets a problem there's a 3000-fd
patch for the 2.0.x kernel. The 2.1.x already has no real upper limit on the
number of file descriptors per process..

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