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Re: squid

Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
> According to Behan Webster:
> > I have squid installed, but something seems to be wrong as everytime
> > the computer boots I get the following error messages:
> >
> > (In truth there are a dozen or so of the following line preceding the
> > these error messages, but I cut them out for brevity as they all say
> > the same thing, except for the number in front of the IOT keeps
> > increasing. )
> >
> >
> > Sun Nov  9 14:01:48 EST 1997: Running: squid -D -s -f /etc/squid.conf >> /var/log/squid/squid.out 2>&1
> >                       /usr/lib/squid/RunCache: line 38:   337 IOT trap/Abort
> >       squid -D -s $conf 1>&3 2>&3
> Which version of squid are you running, and which libc[56] are you using?
> Squid-1.1.1 in "stable" is old and outdated, but otherwise it's somewhat
> OK. Alas it's very hard to get new releases into "stable" unless they
> fix serious bugs. This might just be such a bug :)

I was running the libc5 version from bo (1.1.1-1), but then I upgraded
to the libc5 version in hamm (1.1.10-1).  The same problems occurred
with both versions.

The interesting thing is this only occurs when squid is started at boot
time.  Once I can login as root, I just do a "/etc/init.d/squid start"
and everything is happy.



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