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Re: xdm/X not terminating processes on logout

> For some reason processes are not being terminated after a user logs out of an
> X session (via xdm).
> Example:
>  User xxxx logs in and starts up "vi someprogram", then user xxx kills the X
> session (ie kills WM, thus killing session).  User xxx logs in again and xxxx's
> "vi someprogram" is STILL running and using (according to top) about 92% of CPU.
> I noticed this after I logged out one night and when I logged in the next day
> my load was about 4.7 withnothing special (except the vi session) running.
> Any Ideas why xdm would not kill all of the users processes?  Or is it xdm that
> is supposed to do it?
> -Brian
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In addition to this, I found that the ONLY processes that are not killed, are
text-based programes like vi or top.  The xterm that they were running in DOES
get killed.


Brian Rectanus
Kansas State University
Computing and Informational Sciences
Multimedia/Web Programmer

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