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xdm/X not terminating processes on logout

For some reason processes are not being terminated after a user logs out of an
X session (via xdm).

 User xxxx logs in and starts up "vi someprogram", then user xxx kills the X
session (ie kills WM, thus killing session).  User xxx logs in again and xxxx's
"vi someprogram" is STILL running and using (according to top) about 92% of CPU.

I noticed this after I logged out one night and when I logged in the next day
my load was about 4.7 withnothing special (except the vi session) running.
Any Ideas why xdm would not kill all of the users processes?  Or is it xdm that
is supposed to do it?


Brian Rectanus
Kansas State University
Computing and Informational Sciences
Multimedia/Web Programmer

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