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What is PPS

I am about to start a new job.  My boss sent me some documentation with
some attached files that pine lists as PPS application.  These are
unreadable.  I tried forwarding them to myself so I could read them with
netscape.  This did not work, and in fact they caused netscape to crash. 
I tried loading one of the attachments into vi. This was quite hopeless. 
My next thought, figuring it was postscript file was to try ghostview. 
This also failed with some stack error.  GV had the same result. So, what
is PPS? How can I read these mysterious files. If I can avoid it I
would rather not ask my boss to re-send.  Any help is appreciated. 



Oh by the way, it is often asked if knowing Linux will help you get a job.
I am about to start as a technical recruiter ( head hunter), and I can
definitely say even my limited knowledge from running Debian was
instrumental in getting this position.   

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