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Re: Posting to usenet


> > # user's mail address, if not username@host
> > mail_address=
> Okay, that works. (OTOH, I'm not enamoured with tin, so it would be nice
> if I could figure out how to get trn to work.)
You should set a line like this in trn as well (after we get your system
working). Your username@your.local.hostname is not a valid emailaddress if
someone chooses to reply via mail. It is not nice to get bounces because
of screwed up addresses.

> > What do "hostname" and "dnsdomainname" say?
> Hostname spits out "drollsden", which for silly and irrelevant reasons is
> the name I chose for my machine. dnsdomainname produces no output at all.

Sounds swedish :-)

> > /etc/hosts ?
>	localhost	loopback
>		drollsden
> That is admittedly suspicious, but according to the ISP-Hookup
> HOWTO that's the correct syntax when using dynamic IP assignment.
make /etc/hosts look like:	localhost	drollsden.home.net	drollsden

Drop the line. I never used that one.

> > route ?         (I get out of ideas right now :-)
> Kernel IP routing table
> Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use Iface
> loopnet         *            U     0      0        4 lo
> Which means nothing to me.:)

man route :-)

> Amendment to previous message: /sbin/route produces different output when
> I'm connected. It's

This is quite right, it should be different.

> Kernel IP routing table
> Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use Iface
> ca24l.pq.ca.ibm *      UH    0      0        0 ppp0
> loopnet         *            U     0      0        4 lo
> default         ca24l.pq.ca.ibm         UG    0      0        3 ppp0

Looks OK to me.

So fix your /etc/hosts

Try hostname and dnsdomainname again and then trn.

Maybe this works for you.


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