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Re: [OFF TOPIC] M$ Explorer for Solaris!!!!

Flame ON:

I suppose that this is just some of my own "sour grapes", anti-Micro$loth bigotry but...

Should anyone be surprised!?  To Micro$loth people, "they ARE the world" and what 'they' do "IS the standard".

Though I may well be "full of it", I really do believe that Micro$sloth really does make changes purely for the purpose
of making it difficult, impractical or legally impossible to be compatible with M$ without their proprietary software.

Not only did they (in my opinion) scr*w IBM (in multiple ways -- and this way done by a guy, again in my opinion,
that would be 'nobody' today were in not for the 'power' and influence of IBM -- and I am definately NOT fond of IBM
myself) but in particular by altering the Windoz interface to attempt to preclude WinOS2 compatibility but they now
seem to be h*ll bent to Micro$loth only alterations to the www and (I'm sure eventually) the Internet itself.

Not that anyone else might care but Micro$loth wrote AmigaBASIC.  This was a program that was buggy, unbelievably
large and slow, and violated the most basic demand in the "Amiga ROM Kernel" manuals (the bibles for AmigaOS
programming) by using the upper 8 bit of addresses for 'flag' storage.

I think even oil and water mix better than do the "Micro$loth paradigm and the Unix paradigm (much less

Flame OFF:

So no, I for one am not particulaly surprised that "Explorer" might prove to be less than satisfactory!


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