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Re: pseudo-static IP for webserver?

On Mon, 10 Nov 1997, Rick Hawkins wrote:

> I wish I knew enough about the details here to phrase this right, but
> anyway:
> I need to test software that uses a browser to control it.  That is,
> news & web accounts on the server are administratively controlled
> through web pages from other machines.  (the server runs apache).
> To test this, I need to use a machine that has no access to the world
> other than a modem.  So it needs to sit as a server, and also run a
> session on another machine running a browser to access the server
> (though preliminary testing could have the browser on the same machine).

Well, assuming that the browser is one of those that allows the use of
<META HTTP_EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="0; URL=http://whatever/wherever/";>
tags (like, for example, Netscape) tags, you could do what I do and create
a page on a server with a static IP that changes automatically each time
you dial in.  I have a web page describing how I do this (note that at the
time the descriptive page was made, I was just making a web page with
links to my home machine, rather than redirects, but modifying it should
be trivial)  The page is reachable from
http://www.math.jhu.edu/~martind/mybox.html, which also describes
something I did with my apache configuration to make it better deal
with having a variable IP address - you may want to look into this.

If the browser doesn't support those non-standard tags, then at least you
can have a page sitting at a known address that maintains a link to your


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