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Re: Posting to usenet

On Mon, 10 Nov 1997, Trevor Barrie wrote:

> On Tue, 4 Nov 1997, Martin Bialasinski wrote:
> > Looks like nn tries a command leafnode doesn't understand (or the syntax
> > nn uses is wrong). You could check the rfc about error 502.
> "RFC"? I know FAQs, manpages, HOWTOs and /usr/doc/*, but that's a new one
> to me.:) Where do I find it?
The RFC are released by the ietf :-)

    rfc = request for comments = documents descibing standards on the
    ietf = internet enineering task force

Point your browser to yahoo and search for rfc to find a local mirror.

> > I can use tin (I think from non-free) very well if I can't run gnus. So
> > you might try it.
> Okay, tin works, sort of. It seems it still can't find my hostname since
> my From: lines show up as "tbarrie@", but I can manually edit that.
> It's a pain though.
> (The file /usr/doc/tin/INSTALL.gz cryptically recommends that I "check
> that DOMAIN_NAME & INEWS_MAIL_DOMAIN are correctly set to produce a
> correct From: headers for your site." Set how? Setting these as
> environment variables has no effect... surely these don't need to be fixed
> at compile-time?)
Don't know, but you could edit ~/.tin/tinrc

There you have a line:

# user's mail address, if not username@host

You could try this one.

But your box is screwed up somhow.

What do "hostname" and "dnsdomainname" say?

/etc/hosts ?
route ?         (I get out of ideas right now :-)


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