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Re: LILO only says LI 01 01 01 01...

First of all:  Thanks a lot for your fast help!

According to Craig Sanders  <cas@taz.net.au>:
> it sounds like you forgot to reconfigure /etc/lilo.conf to write the
> boot record to your scsi disk instead of the ide disk.
> try:
>     - power down and remove the IDE drive
THAT was it!  I can't believe that I actually have to physically
unplug all IDE drives to get lilo to work.  If I only take them
out of the CMOS settings Linux still sees them and can access
them.  How is this possible?  How does it know what type of HDs
I got in there?  Okay, I guess with newer HD types there are
methods to query the disks.

Do you guys know *why* Lilo doesn't like to see the IDE drives?
I can't imagine that this is a bug in Lilo.  But it's kind of
awkward to open the case and unplug the drives if I want to
run lilo.  Maybe there is another way to do it?  I tried to
remove all /dev/hd*, but that didn't work either.

Anyway, thanks again for the fast help!
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