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Please help ! ;-)

I just installed the debian linux on a pentium 75 system with 32 MB 
RAM and a Trident 9680 , 2MB video card. 

Love the OS !    Great job guys !

But I have a small problem...

When I run "startx" from the shell prompt, X11 comes up fine but the
screen is almost unreadable. I (very much by mistake) installed the 
patch to emulate WIN 95 (yuck) - but I'm not sure that it matters.

It seems that the X server thinks I have a different display type 
(or something) but at any rate let me give you the symptoms :

	1. When the screen comes up, it looks like an amiga system
	   with the video configured wrong.

	2. There seems to be VERTICAL lines "missing" -every other
	   line seems to be missing. very hard to read.

	3. When I highlight a selection on the start button, it displays
	   fine. But anything else on the screen is almost unreadable.

	4. When I run xterm, The title bar looks almost fine but, any 
	   text inside the window is unreadable.

You guys probally heard this one a thousand times. I'm actually quite
embarrsed to admit that I'm a UNIX instructor at a tech school in
Long Island, New York. (hee hee hee) We teach Novell UnixWare 3.0.
But that's because we're a Novell / Microsoft School. 

Can you help ? My e-mail is "rnevone@idt.net" 
My daytime phone is 516-893-0306
I'll be home all day on Tuesday 11-11-97 
or Wed night.

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