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Re: set up ftp for dselect

tko@westgac3.dragon.com wrote:
> I have a laptop running release 1.2 (I loaded it on the laptop the hard way).
> I would like to setup a PPP link between my desk top system (running 1.3) and
> the laptop. Then get an FTP server running so that dselect on the laptop can
> access the CDROM drive and upgrade itself (via ftp access). So, I need
> suggestions on what to read to give me the info needed to accomplish this feat.
> any tips are appreciated.

You'll have to put the ppp package onto a floppy. Make sure when you do
the install that you load the vfat filesystem module. Then in win95
you can get the debian ppp package (use www.debian.org) and put the
package on the floppy. You can then mount the disk and install ppp
directly using 'dpkg --install <package filename>'. Then start it
up. A simple command line should do the trick. Then start up dselect
and go through the Access method option to configure it to ftp to 
your box on the other end of the link. If you need any other details
you can email me.

Jens B. Jorgensen

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