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X server setup under 1.3.1 (Matrox Mystique + Sony 200sx)

I have just loaded 1.3.1 onto my system at home which has a Matrox
Mystique (220 w/ 4MB RAM) plus a Sony 200sx (17" multiscan monitor). I
tried xf86config and got to the point of selecting the graphics card (it
selected the Mystique). It than presented an error message indicating
that I should run XF86_SVGA as the server, which I did. I then re-ran
the config process and the Mystique was not a supported card. 

Could some kind soul please provide some pointers on how to get the X
server setup for my hardware? (I tried to manually do some of it, but
each time I ran the server I got just a black screen that would not even
respond to a <ctrl><alt><backspace>.)

(I would be happy with a non-optimized server, if there was some generic
1024x768 SVGA server available...)
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