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Opti-UPS anyone?

I recently had a brief power failure, didn't lose any data whatsoever,
and decided that my Linux box has had its free-bee...

I read reviews, checked the HOWTO's, searched the web, and this is what
I know thus far:

APC seems to have the name brand recognition, but they are not
Linux-friendly (though there has been a lot of reverse-engineering).

BEST and TrippLite get nice marks, but not too common in stores.  They
are mentioned in HOWTO I read, but only very briefly.

Opti-UPS gets great reviews in the general press, but no connection
(that I have found, HOWTO's or otherwise) between any Linux users and
that brand of UPS.

Does anyone know anything about the Opti-UPS's?  I sent mail to their
tech support today asking if they support Linux in any way, but I would
like to know if anyone has any experience with them.

I'm leaning toward that one based on price, good reviews, anice
warranty, and the fact that it is line-interactive.  BUT, I have no
experience with UPS's.  If they don't support Linux, and I don't hear
anything favorable, I might have to go with APC

Thanks for any input.


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