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Re: Opti-UPS anyone?

Dan Hugo wrote:
> Opti-UPS gets great reviews in the general press, but no connection
> (that I have found, HOWTO's or otherwise) between any Linux users and
> that brand of UPS.
> Does anyone know anything about the Opti-UPS's?  I sent mail to their
> tech support today asking if they support Linux in any way, but I would
> like to know if anyone has any experience with them.

About a year ago we converted an NT box to Linux (yippee!) but had to
toss the Opti-UPS that was attached to it.  Opti-UPS's only have a smart
signalling mode.  Most all linux ups software can only use the dumb
signalling mode.  This is of course because every company (stupidly
IMHO) keeps the specs for their smart signalling modes proprietary.

The only smart signalling mode linux ups monitoring daemon I know of is
apcd (which is a debian package), but it only works with APC UPSs (but I
think only with certain APCs).  The smart signalling mode was reverse
engineered by it's author.  I've never used it so I can't vouch for it.

All the computers here use APC UPS's (and the debian package genpower)
and they work just great with Linux.  APC UPS's are little more
expensive, but IMO are worth it.


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