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I downloaded the vase disks via ftp, then installed the base system.
Everything ok.  I edited the /etc/ppp.chatscript for my isp...and i
conected... Everything still ok.  ppp0 was shown by ifconfig as working
corectly, which it was.  I set up nameservers..everything still working
great.  I go into dselect, set it up to get the rest of the packages via
ftp, Updated, everything working great...i download the 30 some megs of
*.deb's install them and configure them.  I reboot the system, and pppd
doesn't work corectly.  Looking at the logs, it initiates chat just like
normal, dials, gives login/password, then returns to pppd, which says
something like "Conection established".  Then it says " ppp0 <--->
/dev/ttyS2"  That is all good and dandy.  Then it stops and times
out...looking at the previous logs, it should have said some stuff about
my ip, but it didn't.  CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE???

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