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On Sun, 9 Nov 1997, Me wrote:

> *.deb's install them and configure them.  I reboot the system, and pppd
> doesn't work corectly.  Looking at the logs, it initiates chat just like
> normal, dials, gives login/password, then returns to pppd, which says
> something like "Conection established".  Then it says " ppp0 <--->
> /dev/ttyS2"  That is all good and dandy.  Then it stops and times
> out...looking at the previous logs, it should have said some stuff about
> my ip, but it didn't.  CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE???
Hi (btw: no need to shout at us),

maybe you could answer some questions to give us a better understanding: 

did you upgrade pppd on your dselect run?
do you try to connect as root or as a normal user ?
what are pppd's permissions?
do you have debug enabled in /etc/ppp/options ?


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