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Re: MTA Suggestion

Jason Costomiris wrote:
> exim runs out of inetd.

This information is wrong.  Exim can run out of inetd, but it most
definitely runs as a standalone daemon too.  We use exim as a daemon
here just fine.

We have an entire site using exim here, and it's very easy to use, fast,
configurable, solid, and DFSG free.  It also has support for all the
latest relaying/spam controls.  IMO, it's main developper is also both
civil and approachable, and gladly gives advice and accepts patches.

The only problem with exim is that it doesn't really support UUCP mail
spools.  You can get it to handle simple ones, but nothing very
complex.  This isn't really a problem if you don't serve any UUCP
domains however.

The biggest problem with qmail, as far as I can tell, is that it isn't
DFSG free, and as a result cannot be Debian's prefered MTA.

As far as I can tell, the only real candidates for the Debian prefered
MTA (because they are DFSG free) are: sendmail, smail, and exim.  This
may not be an exhaustive list however.

I've used all 3 and personally, as you can probably tell, I prefer exim.



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