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Re: Unable to complete upgrade to libc6 development

On Thu, 6 Nov 1997, Howard S. Ostrowsky wrote:

> Hi again:
> In my previous communication I described some of the problems I am
> having in taking the "next step" after adding the libc6 libraries etc
> to my Debain box:  how to go on to configure the system to do
> development (i.e., gcc, g++, g77 work) using libc6.  Whereas the 
> first step is very clearly described in the HOWTO, the second
> step is not.  I tried hard to figure out how to switch from libc5
> development to libc6 development, but was unable to make it work.
> The problem is that the HOWTO says to remove all old *-dev packages
> before installing the new *-dev packages, but dpkg didn't let me
> do this!  Since very many other packages depended on the libc5 
> *-dev stuff, I couldn't remove them without practically gutting
> my system.  In the end, I tried to do this very thing, but
> apparently failed.  Now I can't do libc5 nor libc6 development!
> Is there any place I can go to find a step-by-step description
> of how to do the conversion I am seeking?  I suspect that other
> people on this list may be having or have had this problem, and
> would be interested in the answer.  If I get a clear answer,
> I'll summarize for the group.

Use dselect to purge the *-dev packages. It will (suggest to) unselect
packages that depend on the packages you selected for purging. 

Learn to use its keys and then use dselect. It is very powerful. 



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