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Re: Opera Web Browser (with an html address...)

> My scam-o-meter is going haywire. They say after the 3000 people register,
> they will be contacted again, and asked to pay $35 (for a product that will
> not be written yet!) with the money going toward development.
> Maybe these guys are legit. Maybe they will disappear with $105,000. I love
> commercial develpment of software for linux, but I'm getting the signal that
> Opera Software doesn't have any confidence in the linux market -- so why
> should I have any confidence in them?

I don't know about your scam-o-meter, but I'd rather go for this option
and "risk" the US$35 myself, then to wait for a company like Microsoft,
who can afford the kind of money to develop a browser for linux without up
front cash.

Opera does not seem to be a scam, since the company already HAS released
its browser for Windows, and I can understand that selling a browser for
US$35 per license isn't going to make you As-Rich-As-Bill (tMS), so - the
way to raise money for a linux conversion is quite unusual, but I'd rather
like it this way, than waiting for someone else to "mercifully" develop a
browser that can rival Netscape in some 5 or so years.

I am regularly looking at all browsers I can get for linux (basically
anytime that there is a new release), but so far, there is no real
alternative to Netscape; but Netscape is a commercial product, so there
will be no sources available to patch - in case of trouble (OK, this will
be the same with Opera), and secondly Netscapes support *SUCKS BIG TIME*.
How long did most of us use Navigator 3.0, kept alive by artificially
creating a libgnumalloc, that wasn't there before - but without it
Netscape wouldn't work for longer than a minute (if that long at all).
Also, with support, I can't tell whether opera will be better or not - I
just know, that the only reason for either of the two companies to offer
good support is the presence of competition -- and that is something that
we'll only achieve if Opera appears on that platform...


Windows 95: n.
    32-bit extensions and a graphical shell for a 16-bit patch to an 8-bit
    operating system originally coded for a 4-bit microprocessor,  written
         by a 2-bit company that can't stand for 1 bit of competition.

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