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Re: Opera Web Browser (with an html address...)

Benedikt Eric Heinen <beh@icemark.ch> writes:
> I am regularly looking at all browsers I can get for linux (basically
> anytime that there is a new release), but so far, there is no real
> alternative to Netscape; but Netscape is a commercial product, so there
> will be no sources available to patch - in case of trouble (OK, this will
> be the same with Opera), and secondly Netscapes support *SUCKS BIG TIME*.
> How long did most of us use Navigator 3.0, kept alive by artificially
> creating a libgnumalloc, that wasn't there before - but without it
> Netscape wouldn't work for longer than a minute (if that long at all).
> Also, with support, I can't tell whether opera will be better or not - I
> just know, that the only reason for either of the two companies to offer
> good support is the presence of competition -- and that is something that
> we'll only achieve if Opera appears on that platform...

I would rather that Netscape had never released a Linux version.  Then
by now we would have a free web browser for Linux that was better than
Netscape because of the sheer frustration that everyone would have
from lack of a decent browser.
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