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Re: Opera Web Browser (with an html address...)

Paul J Thompson wrote:
>  I recently was looking to see if the web browser Opera was available for 
>  Linux.  Well, when looking at their site I discovered that they are currently 
>  doing a poll of sorts to see how many Linux users (along with some other OSs) 
>  would be interested in their browser.  They have pledged that if they have 
>  3000 Linux people interested by the end of November (when the poll closes) 
>  that they will start working on developement.

My scam-o-meter is going haywire. They say after the 3000 people register,
they will be contacted again, and asked to pay $35 (for a product that will
not be written yet!) with the money going toward development.

Maybe these guys are legit. Maybe they will disappear with $105,000. I love
commercial develpment of software for linux, but I'm getting the signal that
Opera Software doesn't have any confidence in the linux market -- so why
should I have any confidence in them?

see shy jo

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