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Re: Using source code for debian; compiling debian

From: "Richard G. Roberto" <robertor@typhoon.co.jp>
> I think this is a major shortcoming of the debian package
> system.  Why wouldn't I want to run two different web
> servers?  Two packages that provide the same functionality
> don't need to be mutually exclusive.  Likewise, I'd very
> much like to see support for multiple concurrent package
> instances.  This is key for migration in a production
> environment.  It goes without saying that its a must for a
> development environment.  It would require rethinking quite
> a few things though.

The purpose of the package system is to make things install
automaticaly.  Obviously, having two dissimilar web servers is
something you would want to tweak manually, for example you would
probably change their spool directories and IP ports, and you would
not run both postinst scripts. That's why we give you the source.

There is  one area where this _is_ within the scope of the package
system, and that is libraries.

Yes, we can think this over, but I'd hardly call it a priority.


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