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Re: URGENT: Diald connection problem

At 06:19 PM 11/5/97 -0500, cron wrote:

>The man pages and how-to's on this are not the best quality.  

Yep. I can agree on that one! The diald HOWTO really sux. It's not a help,
but just a config script. It would be great if someone sometime could take
some time to write a good diald howto

>But if you hammer away at it - you can get it to work.  

I had it working before my crash... (ahrhhrh) :-)

>You may wish to get the program EZPPP.  It's very easy to set up and work
>great.  Hope this helps....

Sounds great. Is it a debian package, or do I just find it somewhere?



b a d p i x e l  of  bad sector
icq uin: 2565176

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