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Re: Update: immovable mouse cursor under XFree86 (Debian 1.3)

Ben Pfaff wrote:
  >There are certain ambiguities in the way that you specified how you
  >connected your mouse to the computer.  Here are the correct
  >possibilities, to the best of my knowledge:
  >1. Mouse is connected to a PS/2 (aka mini-DIN 6, which is circular) port.
  >   The port is set as /dev/psaux, which can be a link from /dev/mouse.
  >   The kernel has the psaux module loaded.
  >   The mouse type under XF86Setup is set as "PS/2".

All that is correct...

  >   With this setup the third button will not work.

but that isn't.  All three of my buttons work very well.

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