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Opera Web Browser (with an html address...)

 I recently was looking to see if the web browser Opera was available for 
 Linux.  Well, when looking at their site I discovered that they are currently 
 doing a poll of sorts to see how many Linux users (along with some other OSs) 
 would be interested in their browser.  They have pledged that if they have 
 3000 Linux people interested by the end of November (when the poll closes) 
 that they will start working on developement.
 I don't know how many of you have used Opera in Windows, but it is great.  
 Opera is a <1 MB binary which had many of the fancy features of Netscape and 
 IE4 without the overhead weight.  It is quite nice.  Plus, back in my older 
 days of pre-linux, it was the only browser I could get to install in Win3.11 
 with only an EGA monitor.  That is how cool they are!
 Anyways, I wanted to encourage all my fellow Debian users to go to their page 
 and respond.  I know it isn't 100% kosher Debian Free Software Guideline 
 software, but it would nicely replace those other two web browsers (what were 
 they called) on the linux desktop.

The Opera page can be found at http://opera.nta.no (sorry I forgot it the 
first time...)
Brought to you by the letters E and K and the number 9.

Paul J. Thompson <thomppj@thomppj.student.okstate.edu>

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