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Re: xplaycd works without sound output

Hi !

TING Ching-Hua wrote:
> Hi,
> Debian 1.3.1
> Pentium II (Gateway2000 G6-266)
> Esoniq Sound/PCI Wavetable sound card
> Mitsium CDROM
> Problems:
> 1. xplaycd works only in the root account.
> 2. In a user account xplaycd cannot access the CDROM. It always wants
> to access '/dev/cdrom'. The system always complains 'Permission
> denied'.
> 3. No sound.
> Thanks,
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> Ching-Hua Ting

I've never used xplaycd myself, but I have played CD's, so here are my

1. On my system, (Debian 1.3) there's no /dev/cdrom.  Perhaps it should
be a sym-link to the "real" device, probably /dev/hd[a-d], for IDE

2. The standard way of playing CD's involves a wire running from the
CDROM's "analog audio output" connector, to the appropriate connector on
the sound card.  It is not uncommon for computer-technicians to forget
that bit.

3. Most CDROMs have a play button (usually marked >).  If you have that
button, simply insert an audio CD and press it.  If there's still no
sound, then it's probably a hardware problem (CDROM, sound-card,
speakers, or any connections, including the aforesaid wire).

I hope this helps...

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