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IP-MASQ: No longer need to be done as modules

Now, FTP, QUAKE, IRC, CUSEEME, RAUDIO, and VDOLIVE can be compiled directly
into the kernel!  For routers, this should eliminate the need for insmod,
kerneld, and friends.  It should be possible to eliminate the need for
kerneld support on such setups.

Each helper routine can be selectively compiled into the kernel or as a
module, or not compiled at all.  If compiled into the kernel, then the ports
it attaches to are specified on the kernel command line as
"ip_masq=<helper-app>,port,port,port,...".  If as a module, then the old way
with "nsmod <helper-app> ports=port,port,port,..." would work.

Attached are patches for 2.0.30 and 2.0.31.  Please test this out.

I would hope that this could be included into the mainstream kernel.  I
haven't tried getting it to work with 2.1.x, but will work on that most
likely this weekend.

Have fun!

Adam Heath
http://wwp.mirabilis.com/3375265  -- Page me

ps:  What is Linus' email address so that I can send this to him?  Email me
private to keep it off the list with this info.  Thanks.

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