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Re: Posting to usenet

> Well, dselect says that trn depends on inews, which inewsinn provides and
> leafnode doesn't. Just in case I tried forcing a removal of inewsinn, but
> when I tried posting I just got an error message along the lines of "inews
> not found".
> I also tried installing nn, which doesn't have this dependency; when I
> start nn, I get
> Connecting to NNTP server localhost...
> Connecting to NNTP server localhost... ok (posting is allowed)
> NNTP 502 Syntax error response: 502
> at which point the program terminates.
Looks like nn tries a command leafnode doesn't understand (or the syntax
nn uses is wrong). You could check the rfc about error 502.

As root you should do a "fetch" (to make leafnode fetch the activelist
from your isp's nntpserver).

I can use tin (I think from non-free) very well if I can't run gnus. So
you might try it.
But I think there is one drawback. The first time you use leafnode, the
newsgroups are empty. But if you enter one, leafnode remembers to retrieve
its contents on the next "fetch". tin dosn't enter a group if it is empty.

You could also try knews, I used it once and it works as well with
leafnode. knews will enter a empty group, but is a X application.


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